Who am I? I have been lost and found. I walk fast but love to stroll. I'm fascinated by the Universe and have an affinity for staring at sunsets and sunrises. I see funny shapes in clouds and ask the wind to make them last longer. I sing to my garden and kiss my plants. I feel witchy during full moons and wish my broom could get me closer to whatever it is I reach for. I meditate and talk to the Lady and Lord as often as possible. I adore earth and it's green tinsel. Positive energy runs through my veins and my chalice is always half full. I am a mother and a wife. A daughter and sister. I'd like to heal the world, one bar of soap at a time.

SunMune A Soap Company

SunMune soaps bring you close to earth with all natural ingredients. I use real herbs and essential oils in all my products.